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The Key Functions Of Cat Litter Mats


Selecting the best cat litter mat is a wise decision since they facilitate cleanliness for a long period. This means the sweeping or vacuuming processes are decreased immediately, and dramatically! The litter mat also becomes one of the d├ęcors of your home, available in different colors, shapes, and textures that fit the cat litter box and also your home style. You must select the best litter mat for your cat. There are several options available so you can check the best cat litter mat 2017 based on the pros and cons of each choice.

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Here are the three essential functions the litter box do to retain the cat litter area clean.

The first function is capturing the surplus litter from your pet paws once the cat walked on it. It is a brilliant method for cats with furry paws. The second function is collecting the litter when the cat leaping out the box. The footmarks of litter are not only made by the cat paws, but it also becomes spilled onto the surface from the cat jumping. It acts as a protection for any potential accident from your pet in the cat litter box. Many cats don’t perform their work out of the litter box, but the cat litter mat safeguards the floor if your cat slips the right spot when acting its business.

Hope, you have understood the significance of a good quality cat litter mat. It is your responsibility to select the right litter mat for your pet.

You can pick any type of litter mat when you select a sand type litter box. It works fine since they provide coarse or opening texture to collect the litter. Choose small openings on the mat since it prevents the litter fall through the openings in the base layer.

The texture of the litter mat should be soft so that you and your cat find it easy to walk the mat. If the cats feel hard to walk on the mats, then they don’t use the litter mat.

You want to check whether the functional design of the litter box is effective. The litter mat should include a few rough edges to catch the spilled litter in a better way. Had the litter filled in the mat? Then the mat should be lightweight to dump it outside.

Litter mat size is also an essential once to focus particularly when you have a big cat or a large litter box and ensure whether you have adequate room for the mat. You must select a litter box that can grasp the liquids for a long time till you take it out.

The mat should be lightweight to take it to the sink, outside or to the bathroom, to wash it off.

In addition to the above things, you must choose a mat based on the design of the box. When you have a closed litter box, then there are more chances that your pet will walk on the mat.