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Pet Rats: Yay Or Nay?

pet rat

Pets are a great way to teach young kids about responsibility and feeling empathy towards other creatures. However, when you think about pets, the creatures that generally pop into your mind include cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, birds, etc. but never a rat. Rats are highly underrated creates in the world. They are gentle, affectionate, sociable, highly intelligent, and clean and also enjoy being treated as a pet. Rat Central has made plenty of strides in changing the way people think about rats as pets. According to the experts at, a domesticated pet rat is a great way for children and adults alike to enjoy the companionship of the other inhabitants of this planet.

Rats are very intelligent creatures. This has been proved time and again by their ability to conquer maze experiments. They also entertain themselves for hours and enjoy simple games with toilet rolls or ping pong balls. Scientists have observed their love of solving problems and credit it with their ability to solve obstacle courses very easily. Although many people have the misconception that rats are unhygienic creatures, nothing could be further from the truth. Rats groom themselves regularly just like cats. Their rough tongues help to clean their coats and prevent dust and grime from building up. Interestingly, rats have also been observed in grooming each other, making it a sociable animal.

If you are looking for a pet that can be trained to use the litter box, rats are your best bet. These creatures can be trained to use the litter box very quickly, making it easier for you to maintain a clean cage. Rats are extremely affectionate creatures and will even shower you with love in the form of little licks on arms and fingers. Once these interesting creatures start interacting with you, you will notice a whole new personality emerge.

The ability to care easily for rats makes it a much more attractive pet for younger kids. Rats eat any form of commercial rat food. You can also include some fruits and vegetables from your kitchen to make it a healthy diet. If you are placing your pet rat in a store bought cage, you will have to clean it regularly once every week. All you need to do is take out its bedding wash the cage with a soap solution and let it air dry in the sun. Add a new bedding before putting your pet rat back in, and you are all done.

Since rats are practically harmless, you can safely gift a pet rat to young children. You needn’t fear them getting bitten, making it even more attractive as a pet. Rats also enjoy company quite a bit and get along with any other pets in the house. Interestingly, rats can also be trained to go for a walk on a leash. The ability of rats to learn ticks quickly makes it a great pet to own. Shaking hands, putting small basketballs through hoops, playing on swings are all some example of interesting tricks that you can teach your domesticated pet rat.

How to Care for Your Kitten – A Short Guide

woman-couch-cat-shutterstock_10956115-600x300While caring for kittens is that easy, they do have special needs.

What to Feed a Kitten

When they’re about 4 weeks old, though their mother continues to nurse them kittens start to eat solid food. Prepared-to-eat cat foods in the market are frequently well balanced, which is valuable for your kitten. They may be accessible in distinct brands and special cat food is produced by most producers. These come in rolls, cans and packets, among others. Purchasing superior or brands that are popular, though not actually mandatory, can ensure you of complete nutrition for your cat. When selecting cat food, make sure the label includes words like “complete nutrition for kittens/cats”.

The diet of your kitten should be supplemented with fresh meat like fish or chopped chicken. Keep in mind that fresh meat on its own doesn’t give your kitten the whole nutrients it needs.

Alter these from time to time and it’s better to feed your kitten with an extensive variety of foods. Kittens can get fed up and lose interest in eating when given the same food everyday. This additionally keeps them from becoming picky.

When they may be quite young kittens can begin to eat dry cat food, and this is satisfying for most of them. There are those that are merely offered at the veterinarian or pet food store as good as supermarket brands.


Kittens should have access to fresh, clean water. Avoid offering water in plastic bowls since they readily tip over. Instead, use something more heavy – like a porcelain dish, china or pottery.

Milk for Kittens

It’s inadvisable to feed cats/kittens with cow’s milk since most kittens have lactose intolerance and this can cause diarrhea or an upset stomach. You can give them milk from the supermarket, which is especially made for kittens and cats. You surely wouldn’t need it to have diarrhea when you’re house training your kitten.

The best way to Feed a Youthful Kitten

The same as infants, young kittens should be fed several times daily. Those that are below 6 weeks old should stay with their mom.

Generally, at least 4 meals a day are required by kittens from 6 to 12 weeks old. Since their tummies continue to be not large, they cannot eat at one time. By the time they reach they are able to eat 3 meals daily, and they are able to eat once they’re 6 months old.