A Perfect Guide For New Dog Owners

                      mybusydog-pet-supplies                  Dogs are the favorite pet for people all over the world. New dog owners face several challenges in raising their new dog or puppy. It is important to be aware of various things when you grow a new dog. Knowing about the various facts of the dog can help to create a bond between the owner and the puppy. A proper parenting skill is required to take proper care of your pet dog. You can know about the dog products by reading Dogordogs petco review from various online resources. Visit the link https://www.buzzfeed.com/readcommentbackwards/25-brilliant-lifehacks-that-every-dog-owner-should-dmjk?utm_term=.qvBn62x5Wl#.bfbRprYEwL to know about some essential life hacks which would help you during dangerous situations that may occur due to your pet.
There various factors involved in raising a pet. Dog owners should be aware of various factors before they decide to bring a new puppy to their house. The article below would serve as a guide for first-time dog owners.

Socialize Early
Socialize your dog at an early age say three to four months. This would help your dog to know about the world better. Do not keep the dog sheltered during their initial months. Socializing your dogs early is critical as it can avoid behavioral problems in your dog. Introduce your pet to other healthy dogs. Take your pet to various places; this would help your pet get used to various environments.

Do Not Punish Them
It is important that you do not punish your dog at the imperfect timing. This may confuse your dog as to why you mistreat the dog. See that you do not destroy the trust of the dog on you. When punishing the dogs unnecessarily it can result in aggression.

Positive Reinforcement Works
Positive reinforcement works for humans as well as dogs. Teach your dog to treat rather than instructing him not to jump on guests. Thus positive approach towards training your dog works better. Teach your dog the places where to walk and avoid teaching the places where to avoid walking.

Start Training Early
Train your dog early from their first month. This would help to learn things quickly from their master. Puppies trained earlier seems to more obedient that dogs that were trained in their later months. Training the dogs early would help them to develop confidence and make them skilled in handling problems.

Treat Your Dog
You cannot expect your dog to work for free. It would be easy for the trainer to train your new puppy with a treat. It is easy to wean your pets from the treat once the pets are trained.

Don’t Expect Too Much
Do not expect more from your dog. Your dogs cannot perform as per your expectation. For, e.g. it is not that easy to make your dog stay at the same place for several hours. Start with smaller goals and then you can harden the goals. Work in smaller increments this would make it easier for you to train your dog. Understand your dog and then train them based on it. Knowing about the dog can develop a strong between you and the dog.

The above article would serve as a perfect guide for new dog owners to train their new dogs.

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