Month: September 2016

Freshwater Crayfish Care

Goldfish-Series-Goldfish-Tank-Setup-600x300I grew up playing with crayfish. I seen them in the backyard burrowed into the earth. Now though I Have taken it a step farther. I ‘ve a pet crayfish at home. He is quite amazing and a blue crayfish.

The most significant matter for you to understand is understanding a little about freshwater crayfish attention in case you are getting started with a crayfish.

You do Anything!

I needed to purchase my tank, run house, throw some water in and set that crayfish in in case you are like I was when I saw a blue crayfish. Incorrect. It does not work that way.

You must take about a week to “cycle” your water or you may kill your crayfish. – And that would just get your children weep.

It works in this way. You put in water conditioner that removes the chlorine and add water to your tank. You add something organic and bacteria like a fish or shrimp food.

You keep adding fish food (only a bit) and bacteria (you can purchase it) every day for about seven days. If they reside, then you can add your crayfish then add about two fish. I understand, it may seem unkind, but if your tank is prepared you’re going to find out one way or the other.

Having the water in your tank cycled is crucial for freshwater crayfish attention.

A Lil’ Hiding Place

As you’re setting up your tank, you need to be sure to set some kind of “decoration” into your tank. This can be some kind of lil sculpture or a stone you purchase at the pet store. I ‘ve an Easter Island figure in mine.

Crayfish like to hideout. Consequently give them a place.

More on the Water

Determined by the amount of fish you’ve will depend on how frequently you switch your water. You may need to change about 25% of the water if you’ve around two or so fish alongside your crayfish. Make it if you’ve got any more fish. And remember to constantly condition the new water when adding it to the tank… You do not need the children to weep you do?

Additionally, as far as water temperature proceeds, keep it at around 73 to 75 degrees. That is just right!