Why Has My Cat Stopped Using The Litter Box?


One can buy precious cat ultra premium clumping cat litter and yet fail to have it used effectively if the cat is not trained correctly. A kitten generally learns from the mother to use a litter box while adopted cats have to be taught how to do it. But there may be reasons for the training to lapse and the cat relieving itself elsewhere in the home. For more Info on how to take proper care of a cat, go here. This article will tackle the issue of ensuring that a cat uses only the litter box when nature calls.

The number one reason a cat might stop using a litter box is the size. If you have a cat that is still in the growing phase, this can happen. Within a few months, a box that was big enough earlier becomes too snug to fit in. Therefore when you are buying the box make sure that it is big enough. It is always safer to obtain a substantially sized box than to buy a small one and then have it changed in a few months. Even the cat will feel that the box is not too full and has more room to be used further.

One more issue that some cats face which leads them to not using the litter box is high sides. If you are the owner of a cat that is elderly or is small in size or just kitten, keep a litter box that has low sides. This will ensure that the cat can enter and leave the box without any trouble. A cat may also not use a litter box if it is shared but others. Experts say that there should be one litter box for one cat plus one extra in each home. Therefore, get at least two litter boxes for your cat and keep them in separate areas around the house.

The location you choose to keep the litter box is also crucial to the cat using it. The box should be accessible to the cat and positioned far away from where the pet eats and drinks. No cat will go on the long trek when it wants to relieve himself. Thus, keep boxes close by. If there are more than two boxes, chances are the cat will find one near to him at all times. A cat has the instinct to urinate and defecate away from the space they eat. Hence, a litter box kept close to water and food bowl will rarely be used.

If the box is kept in an area that sees heavy footfall, the cat will not use it. Majority of cats want an undisturbed place which has peace to eliminate their waste. Thus, if the litter box is kept in a family room or the laundry room, move it to a different location. A nice tucked away corner that can still be reached easily would be the best option. Though, be aware that trial and error is the only way to find the right location accurately.

A Perfect Guide For New Dog Owners

                      mybusydog-pet-supplies                  Dogs are the favorite pet for people all over the world. New dog owners face several challenges in raising their new dog or puppy. It is important to be aware of various things when you grow a new dog. Knowing about the various facts of the dog can help to create a bond between the owner and the puppy. A proper parenting skill is required to take proper care of your pet dog. You can know about the dog products by reading Dogordogs petco review from various online resources. Visit the link https://www.buzzfeed.com/readcommentbackwards/25-brilliant-lifehacks-that-every-dog-owner-should-dmjk?utm_term=.qvBn62x5Wl#.bfbRprYEwL to know about some essential life hacks which would help you during dangerous situations that may occur due to your pet.
There various factors involved in raising a pet. Dog owners should be aware of various factors before they decide to bring a new puppy to their house. The article below would serve as a guide for first-time dog owners.

Socialize Early
Socialize your dog at an early age say three to four months. This would help your dog to know about the world better. Do not keep the dog sheltered during their initial months. Socializing your dogs early is critical as it can avoid behavioral problems in your dog. Introduce your pet to other healthy dogs. Take your pet to various places; this would help your pet get used to various environments.

Do Not Punish Them
It is important that you do not punish your dog at the imperfect timing. This may confuse your dog as to why you mistreat the dog. See that you do not destroy the trust of the dog on you. When punishing the dogs unnecessarily it can result in aggression.

Positive Reinforcement Works
Positive reinforcement works for humans as well as dogs. Teach your dog to treat rather than instructing him not to jump on guests. Thus positive approach towards training your dog works better. Teach your dog the places where to walk and avoid teaching the places where to avoid walking.

Start Training Early
Train your dog early from their first month. This would help to learn things quickly from their master. Puppies trained earlier seems to more obedient that dogs that were trained in their later months. Training the dogs early would help them to develop confidence and make them skilled in handling problems.

Treat Your Dog
You cannot expect your dog to work for free. It would be easy for the trainer to train your new puppy with a treat. It is easy to wean your pets from the treat once the pets are trained.

Don’t Expect Too Much
Do not expect more from your dog. Your dogs cannot perform as per your expectation. For, e.g. it is not that easy to make your dog stay at the same place for several hours. Start with smaller goals and then you can harden the goals. Work in smaller increments this would make it easier for you to train your dog. Understand your dog and then train them based on it. Knowing about the dog can develop a strong between you and the dog.

The above article would serve as a perfect guide for new dog owners to train their new dogs.

Buying Guide To Choose An Appropriate Bedding For Your Pet

best heated dog beds

Dogs are considered to be the best companion of human beings. They are considered the most obedient and emotionally attached to their master. Even in the gravest situation they are the ones who will never leave your side. You might have heard some heart touching stories of dog and master close relationship. Since they take care of us in the most beautiful way, it is our responsibility to give them maximum comfort and safe surroundings. Feeding them with the right type of food and building up a cozy corner for them to relax is utmost important. You can explore some of the best heated dog beds at your nearest pet Shoppe’ to provide comfort to your pet friend. The human-animal bond has been beautifully explained in the article www.washingtonpost.com/news/animalia/wp/2017/11/03/pets-arent-wonder-drugs-heres-why-we-love-them-anyway/?utm_term=.ab8a68be88ae is coming straight from an expert and dog lover.

You might have noticed that dogs want their rest place to be very cozy, warm and soft. Especially in extreme weather conditions, it becomes imperative to get your pet a heated dog bed. These beds are an excellent choice for fragile young puppies who have not learned self-thermoregulation. Less hairy and sensitive breeds who cannot take harsh cold weather too well may require a heated bed. As dogs grow old, their immunity decreases and develop various health issues. Therefore, they would need extra care, comfort, and warm environment. These beds are designed to be used around the year. While it saves them from the cold weather, it gives a sense of security and privacy to your pet which may keep them relaxed and less ferocious. Few injuries may cause stiffness and strain in their joints. Heated beds provide a treatment and reduce the intensity of pain.

There are different variants available in the market. These are broadly divided into self-warming and electric heated. Self-warming beds heat up the temperature of the bed using the body heat of the dog. It has a thermally reflective layer which speeds up the healing process. Since these do not use any electric supply, they are easy to handle, less expensive and convenient to maintain. On the other hand, electronically heated beds use electrical coils which are placed on the bottom of the bed. While buying these beds one should prefer a thicker cushion, because with time the bedding sinks and it comes too close to the heating coils which may cause injury to your pet. These beds use minimal electricity and therefore are energy efficient.

Buying models with proper certification from the specialized laboratory are always advisable. One should also consider the warranty arrangements so that you can get them replaced or repaired timely. Hygiene is another essential factor. Regular cleaning and washing of the bedding would ensure that your pet does not develop any infection or disease. The material used for the padding should be comfortable and should not cause any irritation on the dog’s skin. Hairy bread can easily develop ticks. Therefore, special care should be taken.

You might sometimes need to travel along with your pet. Therefore lightweight, easily portable multipurpose beds usable for both indoors and outdoors are the better choice. In due consideration of the aesthetic needs of customers, dog beddings come in various color patterns. Depending on your lifestyle needs and budget, you can buy a nice cozy bed for your little friend.

Pet Rats: Yay Or Nay?

pet rat

Pets are a great way to teach young kids about responsibility and feeling empathy towards other creatures. However, when you think about pets, the creatures that generally pop into your mind include cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, birds, etc. but never a rat. Rats are highly underrated creates in the world. They are gentle, affectionate, sociable, highly intelligent, and clean and also enjoy being treated as a pet. Rat Central has made plenty of strides in changing the way people think about rats as pets. According to the experts at www.goodpetparent.com, a domesticated pet rat is a great way for children and adults alike to enjoy the companionship of the other inhabitants of this planet.

Rats are very intelligent creatures. This has been proved time and again by their ability to conquer maze experiments. They also entertain themselves for hours and enjoy simple games with toilet rolls or ping pong balls. Scientists have observed their love of solving problems and credit it with their ability to solve obstacle courses very easily. Although many people have the misconception that rats are unhygienic creatures, nothing could be further from the truth. Rats groom themselves regularly just like cats. Their rough tongues help to clean their coats and prevent dust and grime from building up. Interestingly, rats have also been observed in grooming each other, making it a sociable animal.

If you are looking for a pet that can be trained to use the litter box, rats are your best bet. These creatures can be trained to use the litter box very quickly, making it easier for you to maintain a clean cage. Rats are extremely affectionate creatures and will even shower you with love in the form of little licks on arms and fingers. Once these interesting creatures start interacting with you, you will notice a whole new personality emerge.

The ability to care easily for rats makes it a much more attractive pet for younger kids. Rats eat any form of commercial rat food. You can also include some fruits and vegetables from your kitchen to make it a healthy diet. If you are placing your pet rat in a store bought cage, you will have to clean it regularly once every week. All you need to do is take out its bedding wash the cage with a soap solution and let it air dry in the sun. Add a new bedding before putting your pet rat back in, and you are all done.

Since rats are practically harmless, you can safely gift a pet rat to young children. You needn’t fear them getting bitten, making it even more attractive as a pet. Rats also enjoy company quite a bit and get along with any other pets in the house. Interestingly, rats can also be trained to go for a walk on a leash. The ability of rats to learn ticks quickly makes it a great pet to own. Shaking hands, putting small basketballs through hoops, playing on swings are all some example of interesting tricks that you can teach your domesticated pet rat.

Fruits And Vegetables Your Pet Rat Can Eat

Wild insects

Finding the best Rat Foods commercially available is easy. A simple search in a pet store will tell an owner the nutritional contents of the rodent feed. But the feed of a rat should just not be made of blocks or pellets. It leads to boredom. A rat needs to be curious about the food and stimulated enough to eat it, says a piece on www.Acvn.org. In here, the focus is on all the other foods an owner can provide their pet rodent.

How many times have anyone of us seen a movie where a person shared his/her own food with their pet? Sharing the joy of food with a pet rat should not be any different. An individual can easily share fresh vegetables and fruits with their pet rat. The only consideration should be the size of the serving. Though rats eat about 10-20% of their body weight every day, the portion size should be small. A half inch cube or a teaspoon worth of food is more than enough.

If a rat overheats, it can suffer from stomach ache or diarrhoea. It is just not for the variety that a pet rat should be given different kinds of treats but also to maintain a balanced diet with optimal nutrient content. Some of the foods one can feed a pet rodent are:

1. Fruits
Bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, melons, cherries, plums and any other type of berry are good options as long as they are fresh. Fruits like green bananas are a strict no for pet rats. Additionally, orange peels, lemons, mangoes or juices are prohibited for male rats because they contain d-limonene.

2. Vegetables
Peas, squash, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, kale, cooked beans like soya, cooked sweet potatoes and parsley come in the recommended diet for rats. But certain vegetables should not be given to rats like raw beans, raw sweet potatoes, cabbage, green potatoes and Brussel sprouts.

3. Meats
Only very lean meats that are cooked are safe for rats. Cooked liver is also a good option.

4. Miscellaneous
Yogurt is a healthy treat especially if it still has live cultures. Bread and pasta made of whole-wheat can also be fed to rats. Brown rice, dog biscuits (small), mealworms, breakfast cereals (unsweetened) and nuts that are still in their shells make excellent snacks for pet rodents. Though nutritional, almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds should be given only rarely to rats.
Feeding a leftover meal to the pet is considered alright as long as the portion is small and does not have the ingredients that should be avoided. Besides the ones mentioned above, some other food types should not be given to rats as snacks and treats. Foods that can be harmful to your pet rodent are:
• Any form of junk food. Say a no to food items that have high sugar content.
• Beverages that are carbonated or caffeinated
• Chocolate
• Seeds like poppy
• Black pepper and nutmeg are no for male rats as they contain d-limonene
• Wild insects because they have pesticides and parasites

Guide To Buy A Comfortable Rat Cage For Your Pet

cage for rat

If you are looking for a new cage for your pet rat, then look no further to get a clear picture of the requirements for getting one. A cage is where your pet would spend a lot of its time; make sure it is comfortable and spacious. It always makes sense to understand the needs of a rat before getting a new home for them. With so many options available in the market, it is imperative that you go through the customer reviews about the different types of rat cages to determine the best that would suit your rat.

We have compiled this list of requirements that you should keep in mind – with helpful insights from petful.com – while getting a rat cage. Choosing the right cage for your rat will eventually determine the quality of your pet’s life. For this reason, it is important to get the appropriate size as well as proper safety features for your pet cage.

Many people prefer to let their pet rats roam around freely in a specific area of their home than locking them up in a cage. This would require you to keep away all electrical wires and other harmful materials away from their reach. Ensure that there are no holes for them to escape into either. It would be a good idea to get a cage even for free-ranging rats to use when they are tired or scared. It would also be better to keep them in a cage when you are not at home and when you are expecting guests.

Right size
For rat cages, it is usually ‘the bigger, the better’ which is considered as a thumb rule. The minimum requirement is two cubic feet per rat. The rats – being social creatures – would prefer being kept as a pair or in a group. So, that makes the minimum size you should consider for your cage four cubic feet. Ideally, get a larger cage if you can manage it. However, a large cage would be a waste of space. Try to utilize the available space in the cage by adding ramps, hammocks and shelves to keep the rats climbing and jumping which would make them healthier. A long, single level cage would work well for an old rat or for one with a hind-leg paralysis.

Choose between solid or wire shelves
The rat cages come with solid or wire shelves. The solid shelves are preferable for the simple reason that they are more comfortable for the rat’s feet. The wire shelf – though good in theory as it allows the rat poop to fall down through the wires – collects rat urine and requires constant cleaning. It can also cause injury to a rat’s foot due to it getting trapped between the wires.

Covering your wire floor with solid coverings is another option. You can easily cut a kitchen tile to the cage shelf size and provide a solid floor for the rat to move around. Mesh needlepoint canvas is also used as they can be tied to the rack with the help of twist ties while allowing the urine to pass through.

Keep these in mind and buy the perfect home for your rats!

Tips To Buy The Right Horse Float

horse float1

If and when you set out to purchase a float for your horse you must see to it that you buy the most apt brand as well as model of horse float for your horse. If you are looking for a horse float right now, then http://www.equiluxehorsefloats.com.au/horse-floats-for-sale/ will help you order a very high-quality horse float. A number of well-known as well as relevant online sites such as bloodhorse.com have also recommended the use of the most well-suited brand as well as model of horse float for your horse at all times. Now, if you have more than one horse, then there is no point in buying a separate float for each.

You will need to assess all the needs that you have in order to buy the most apt brand as well as model of horse float to transport your horse. If there is a situation when you need to carry more than one horse from one place to another at the same time, then you will need to buy a horse float that can be used to do the same. The thing is that at times people buy a very small horse float and then regret buying it later on. A small horse float can be used to transport only one horse at a time which can become difficult when you end up having to transport more than a single horse at the same time.

The obvious thing is that all people who have more than one horse at their home will need to transport them at some point of time. This will ensure that if and when the need arises, then you are able to transport two or more of your horses to the desired place at the same time and in the same horse float. There is no doubt about the fact that this strategy, as well as idea, will hold you in an excellent stead.

You will also need to find out about the horse floats that are made of very strong material. The thing is that a horse float is not something that a person will buy every day or every month. It is among the things which you purchase and then expect that the horse float will last for a very long time. So, it is of great essence that the brand of horse floats which you buy for your horse is very strong as well as durable. It has to be said that this will allow you to make continuous use of the horse float for a long time to come in the future.

If you are of the opinion that the quality of the horse floats made in your country is not decent, then you can opt for a foreign made brand as well as model of horse float for your horse. It is better to spend a little extra money in order to get quality stuff. Most of the time horse floats are made to order, so it would be a good idea to order in advance to ensure that the horse float is ready when it is time for you to travel with your horses.

The Key Functions Of Cat Litter Mats


Selecting the best cat litter mat is a wise decision since they facilitate cleanliness for a long period. This means the sweeping or vacuuming processes are decreased immediately, and dramatically! The litter mat also becomes one of the décors of your home, available in different colors, shapes, and textures that fit the cat litter box and also your home style. You must select the best litter mat for your cat. There are several options available so you can check the best cat litter mat 2017 based on the pros and cons of each choice.

Are you a newbie in owning a cat? Then check the latest article published in petguide.com to learn how to develop and maintain your cat.

Here are the three essential functions the litter box do to retain the cat litter area clean.

The first function is capturing the surplus litter from your pet paws once the cat walked on it. It is a brilliant method for cats with furry paws. The second function is collecting the litter when the cat leaping out the box. The footmarks of litter are not only made by the cat paws, but it also becomes spilled onto the surface from the cat jumping. It acts as a protection for any potential accident from your pet in the cat litter box. Many cats don’t perform their work out of the litter box, but the cat litter mat safeguards the floor if your cat slips the right spot when acting its business.

Hope, you have understood the significance of a good quality cat litter mat. It is your responsibility to select the right litter mat for your pet.

You can pick any type of litter mat when you select a sand type litter box. It works fine since they provide coarse or opening texture to collect the litter. Choose small openings on the mat since it prevents the litter fall through the openings in the base layer.

The texture of the litter mat should be soft so that you and your cat find it easy to walk the mat. If the cats feel hard to walk on the mats, then they don’t use the litter mat.

You want to check whether the functional design of the litter box is effective. The litter mat should include a few rough edges to catch the spilled litter in a better way. Had the litter filled in the mat? Then the mat should be lightweight to dump it outside.

Litter mat size is also an essential once to focus particularly when you have a big cat or a large litter box and ensure whether you have adequate room for the mat. You must select a litter box that can grasp the liquids for a long time till you take it out.

The mat should be lightweight to take it to the sink, outside or to the bathroom, to wash it off.

In addition to the above things, you must choose a mat based on the design of the box. When you have a closed litter box, then there are more chances that your pet will walk on the mat.

Freshwater Crayfish Care

Goldfish-Series-Goldfish-Tank-Setup-600x300I grew up playing with crayfish. I seen them in the backyard burrowed into the earth. Now though I Have taken it a step farther. I ‘ve a pet crayfish at home. He is quite amazing and a blue crayfish.

The most significant matter for you to understand is understanding a little about freshwater crayfish attention in case you are getting started with a crayfish.

You do Anything!

I needed to purchase my tank, run house, throw some water in and set that crayfish in in case you are like I was when I saw a blue crayfish. Incorrect. It does not work that way.

You must take about a week to “cycle” your water or you may kill your crayfish. – And that would just get your children weep.

It works in this way. You put in water conditioner that removes the chlorine and add water to your tank. You add something organic and bacteria like a fish or shrimp food.

You keep adding fish food (only a bit) and bacteria (you can purchase it) every day for about seven days. If they reside, then you can add your crayfish then add about two fish. I understand, it may seem unkind, but if your tank is prepared you’re going to find out one way or the other.

Having the water in your tank cycled is crucial for freshwater crayfish attention.

A Lil’ Hiding Place

As you’re setting up your tank, you need to be sure to set some kind of “decoration” into your tank. This can be some kind of lil sculpture or a stone you purchase at the pet store. I ‘ve an Easter Island figure in mine.

Crayfish like to hideout. Consequently give them a place.

More on the Water

Determined by the amount of fish you’ve will depend on how frequently you switch your water. You may need to change about 25% of the water if you’ve around two or so fish alongside your crayfish. Make it if you’ve got any more fish. And remember to constantly condition the new water when adding it to the tank… You do not need the children to weep you do?

Additionally, as far as water temperature proceeds, keep it at around 73 to 75 degrees. That is just right!

How to Care for Your Kitten – A Short Guide

woman-couch-cat-shutterstock_10956115-600x300While caring for kittens is that easy, they do have special needs.

What to Feed a Kitten

When they’re about 4 weeks old, though their mother continues to nurse them kittens start to eat solid food. Prepared-to-eat cat foods in the market are frequently well balanced, which is valuable for your kitten. They may be accessible in distinct brands and special cat food is produced by most producers. These come in rolls, cans and packets, among others. Purchasing superior or brands that are popular, though not actually mandatory, can ensure you of complete nutrition for your cat. When selecting cat food, make sure the label includes words like “complete nutrition for kittens/cats”.

The diet of your kitten should be supplemented with fresh meat like fish or chopped chicken. Keep in mind that fresh meat on its own doesn’t give your kitten the whole nutrients it needs.

Alter these from time to time and it’s better to feed your kitten with an extensive variety of foods. Kittens can get fed up and lose interest in eating when given the same food everyday. This additionally keeps them from becoming picky.

When they may be quite young kittens can begin to eat dry cat food, and this is satisfying for most of them. There are those that are merely offered at the veterinarian or pet food store as good as supermarket brands.


Kittens should have access to fresh, clean water. Avoid offering water in plastic bowls since they readily tip over. Instead, use something more heavy – like a porcelain dish, china or pottery.

Milk for Kittens

It’s inadvisable to feed cats/kittens with cow’s milk since most kittens have lactose intolerance and this can cause diarrhea or an upset stomach. You can give them milk from the supermarket, which is especially made for kittens and cats. You surely wouldn’t need it to have diarrhea when you’re house training your kitten.

The best way to Feed a Youthful Kitten

The same as infants, young kittens should be fed several times daily. Those that are below 6 weeks old should stay with their mom.

Generally, at least 4 meals a day are required by kittens from 6 to 12 weeks old. Since their tummies continue to be not large, they cannot eat at one time. By the time they reach they are able to eat 3 meals daily, and they are able to eat once they’re 6 months old.